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Making it to the interview stages - passing psychometric and aptitude tests

Making it to the interview stage\r\nrn\r\nrn\r\nrn\r\n \r\nrn\r\nrn\r\nrn\r\nPsychometric and aptitude assessments - why employers use them and how to prepare for them\r\nrn\r\nrn\r\nrn\r\n \r\nrn\r\nrn\r\nrn\r\nIf you’re in the process of looking for a job in the UK, be it in Education, IT or even ...    read more

Using Social Media for work – can businesses afford not to?

Social Media and online communication tools are still frowned upon in the workplace by many corporates – they see it as time wasting and unproductive for their employees to be sitting on chat programs or Facebook during work hours. This is however, fast becoming an outdated mentality, and in many cases ...    read more

Taking courses to improve your job prospects

If you are having problems during the employment process, a possible reason for this is that your education is not at the level that employers require for the positions that you are seeking. Not everyone can afford to study full time at a college or university, but ...    read more

How to approach salary discussions in interviews

    Salary can be a delicate topic to discuss during interviews, but with the right preparation you should have a solid and well thought out plan of what to say when the topic arises. When going for an interview its best to be prepared to answer questions ...    read more

Negotiating a salary increase in your job

Going through the salary increase discussion at work can be a really uncomfortable experience. Employers must evaluate when to give increases, and employees must practice their negotiation skills. There are quite a few things consider when asking for a raise, and you will need ...    read more

Job search sites - using them effectively

Over the last 15 years there have been a lot of job sites popping up all over the internet. At first glance it may seem overwhelming to navigate your way around them to the point where you can get your CV on to them and ...    read more

Finding work in the non-traditional job market

There are many reasons why people may either not be able to, or not want to, be part of the traditional job market. You may have young children, or be elderly, or not have transport. You may not want to work in an office and prefer to work ...    read more

Flexible working arrangements

Although working a 'nine-to fiver' is what most office workers are stuck with these days, more and more people are using the opportunity that technology presents, to add value to their lives by working flexibly - either working from home on certain days, or having flexible work hours. This is of ...    read more

Networking do’s and don’t’s

Layoffs and redundancies can hurt your self esteem, but just because you’re out of a job doesn’t mean you don’t have valuable skills to offer. If the formal job seeking channels haven't shown results, remember that there are many job vacancies which are hidden from the average job seeker – the jobs aren't ...    read more

8 signs you are in the wrong job

    Not everyone is lucky enough to have a job they wholeheartedly love. If you really dread going into work, first try and determine why your working life is so terrible. Maybe the commute is unbearable, your boss is draconian, or you are ...    read more
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Bosses can be persuaded over World Cup fever

As World Cup fever continues to sweep the country, workers should look to talk to their bosses about watching the football extravaganza, rather than taking days off sick.With the tournament getting underway last Friday, thousands of workers up and down the country would have been listening to headphones or watching live ...    read more

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